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May 09, 2005


Kem Meyer

Groups says it all; it implies smaller group. But, when you spell it out and say "small group", the extra adjective can be a barrier to our guests who don't use the term small group in their normal vocabulary. People say "that's my group". They don't say "that's my small group". Obviously, this type of stuff is subjective, but I always lean towards a minimalistic approach to copy. If you can say it with less words, then do it.

Dana O


Why do you think "groups" is more effective than "small groups?"



Anne Jackson

Thanks for explaining that. I guess what I needed was context. I agree that explore a bible study and commit to a bible study - there is a much more inspiring tendency towards explore :)

But in the case of ... a marriage, per se...you get my point! :)

Kem Meyer

Ok, I realize I didn't finish my thought. Here's the word use in context... "Commit to a six week study on Romans" or "Explore a six week study on Romans".

Kem Meyer

Commit is a more intimidating word for a guest. Explore is more inspiring. That's the idea anyway. Thoughts?

Anne Jackson

So funny (sad funny, though!) with the bubble bath. I was wondering what the thoughts behind Commit - Explore were. At first glance, they seem very different?


Kem Meyer


You're so right. And, as a "recovering spin doctor" from the corporate communications industry, I'm continually re-evaluating my engrained ways of delivering a message. Now it's about creating space for authentic conversation, equipping people with resources to make decisions for next steps on their terms and leaving room for questions. We don't have to have all the answers...it's scary! And, liberating. We'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Crystal Renaud

Hi Kem.

This is Crystal Renaud and I work in the communications department with Anne Jackson. I love her for stumbling across your blog! True: we are so excited to be coming to LiveWire in a couple weeks. I think it will be a great experience for all of us and am so excited to learn more.

About your post: "It's in a constant state of refinement." I think that is true for many things. Like Anne wrote you a while back. After 5 years of pretty much the same thing around here. In the field of communications, nothing we were doing was "remarkable." It was good, but not inviting or drawing people in. It was definitely time for a change. So, new identity was born. A relatable identity. It looks great and is serving its new purpose, but in 2 years will it?

I think the area of communications will be in a constant state of refinement in our church. Our target is always looking for the "quick and easy and bigger and better." We have to keep up.

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