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Feb 25, 2007


Brian Glass

OK, this really got me thinking...

A couple weeks ago I came across this bizarre and extreme example of this way of thinking. It sounds a bit fantastical, but it gets the point across in an uncanny sort of way.


And no, I'm not suggesting we all become shamans, but it makes a great parable.

Brian Glass

I think it has potential.

I think there is a dividing line when thinking about self. You might call the dividing line blame or responsibility.

Most people (myself included) want to think that when we are discussing responsibility or blame, it's all about everyone else. We all want to reap the benefits of responsible action (e.g. we like clean bathrooms). But, we don't want to be the party responsible for the clean bathroom. Likewise, when something goes terribly wrong, we don't want to receive the blame.

So in reality, from the perspective of responsibility, it is all about ME. It's my life. I'm responsible. However, when you're talking about experiencing the benefits of responsible action, it is absolutely not all about me. It is about making life better for others.

Many of the problems in this country arise because people are unwilling to accept responsibility or blame. They don't see it as "my life." They see it as a show for them to enjoy that someone else is responsible for producing. They fail to take ownership and take action.

It's all in the perspective. Or if you want to use '90s lingo, it's a paradigm shift.

Jeremy Scheller

Bold, Understated, Intrigueing.

Do you worry that the church might tend to go from "Our Jesus" to "My Jesus" for promotional purposes, without getting back to "Our Jesus" in the end?

I love the concept, but it also comes up against some theological obstacles for me. Sounds like it might have for your team as well.

We're hitting campaign season this summer...Love to hear the progress from your efforts.

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