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Jan 11, 2008



The good thing about the internet is you can just google part of the text you didn't bother to change and find a Snopes article: http://www.snopes.com/photos/automobiles/bollards.asp

Bottom line: those pillars may be removable.

Of course, that doesn't explain why they didn't leave a few of them for installing after they left the vehicle elsewhere.


HEHE! Using the pic in 2nites sermon! Valuable lesson!

Aaron DeWinter

How great is that pic!

Kem Meyer

We do not have a policy. However, we would not approve of volunteers using church vehicles to promote their political candidate. If someone crossed the line we would have an individual conversation.

Tim had a recent article on his blog about the responsibility of Christians and voting, politics, you might find helpful-- http://www.leadingsmart.com/leadingsmart/2008/01/joel-hunter-on.html


You are not alone Michael!!!


hi kem-
was wondering if you had any advice for how to communicate with volunteers about (not) campaigning with elections coming up. do you have a policy in place or just deal with it on a case-by-case system?

Michael Gray

Wow. Its definitely a Monday.

I looked at this photo for a good 2 minutes and couldn't find anything out of place. I had to read the comments just to figure out what was so funny.

I need coffee.


I am from Norman and my family currently lives there. We have all seen this pic and can confidently say this pic was not taken in Norman Oklahoma.

Derek Borders

I'm from Norman and I don't this photo was taken in Norman, OK. The street signs are very european looking and nothing at all like the street sign in Norman. I'd like to have seen their reaction when they discovered it though!

Chris Forbes

This is why I live in Edmond, Oklahoma! Please don't Norman my Edmond!


Hilarious. After looking and measuring carefully though, from this perspective it seems that they might have just enough space to squeeze out of their predicament.

Patrick Sievert

Makes me proud to be an Okie...

Julie Smies

I'd love to see video of the moment they discovered they weren't going anywhere in that vehicle.


Great - I think I work with those guys.

No, I don't. Just kidding. Really. :)

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