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Feb 06, 2008


Michael Gray

Love it.

I wonder when they are going to produce "The American Tax Code in Plain English"?

Clayton Bell

I've seen those videos, they're great. I'd love to see them do Christian concepts, help some pastors out...


Very cool. I had never seen Common Craft's work before now. Thanks Kem.

Andrew Conard

Kem - Thanks for the link - Common Craft does have great stuff!

David Morris

Thanks so much for the post. Simply brilliant. Or Simplicity is brilliant. I am heading to del.icio.us right now.

Jeremy Scheller

it reminds me of a staff meeting 3 years ago, when a great man from texas shared a 9-panel, comic book style stick figure Christology.

it was brilliantly articulate with the polish of a 3rd grader who's been grounded from crayons for a lifetime...

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