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Jul 31, 2008



Thanks for the tips!


One thing to remember: It's not just about the number of clicks to a destination. It's about how _easy_ the clicks are. If you make 6 easy clicks in a row to get to what you are looking for, you won't notice. But if you have to search for the second click, that's when you feel frustrated.

Check out the book "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug for more web usability info.


you read my mind. we just switched over from doing a weekly program to a monthly and driving people to our web. this just validates that!

Kirt Manuel

Very well articulated, as usual. You're my hero. This stuff is brilliant. I want to roll it up into a stick and beat my leaders with it. I'm wondering: do you have a super-hero name?


Great Information!


I just had this conversation. I'm trying to persuade our church to let go of the weekly bulletin and move towards an online experience instead of paper and ink. We're a church of about 2,000 with a mix of families, seniors, and young adults. Thanks Kem for all your inspiration and knowledge.

Shaun King

This was very helpful Kem!



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