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Aug 22, 2008


Michael Head

Thanks for that I am loving the solid food fast. HOpe this continues to be a great focus for you.

Kem Meyer

Lori, I remember when Brian originally posted this. I thought to myself "that might come in handy one day" and it is. Thanks for sending the link over. It's going to be very helpful.

Lori Bailey

At the beginning of this year, Brian and I were talking about things we wanted to do, but never seemed to find the time to do them. We decided to drop some things (like our Blockbuster by Mail membership) and then created a weeknight schedule to be intentional about the things we wanted more of: reading, family time, personal projects, serving, etc. We've taken the summer off, but we're talking about starting again with the new school year.

Thought you might also enjoy an old post from Brian's blog about his writing season: http://www.leaveitbehind.com/home/2007/01/10_steps_to_wri.html

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