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Jan 28, 2009


weak & out-of-touch dude

Great... Language is easy, communication is hard ;-)


If you want to torture yourself with more "English" translations, go to www.engrish.com. You will laugh so hard, you'll cry.

Dave Treat

Many years ago I was with a parachurch ministry whose staff met for daily "devotionals" and sang the "good old hymns." One day we all sang "...bring forth the royal diadem...". I raised my hand and asked if anyone present knew what a "diadem" was. Not a single person knew. I do now. I looked it up. (And that was before Google...)


Funny post! I have to watch myself at work, my Christianese sometimes slips through. But much of that has disappeared in my speech -- but my writing is another story. . . . Thanks for the insight!


Commenting, reminder good always, to keep in mindful when one is writing, or when cable car to arrive. What?

Danny Lucas

I love this post!

Last May 21, my mom died. She had 12 children and 99 grandchildren or great grands (now 101). The funeral home was packed at all times. I could tolerate the normals, but the things "Christians" uttered made my skin crawl.

Only one child remains Catholic, as mom was. (Not me). But my brothers and sisters asked the priest to allow me to be the sole speaker about mom.

No one knew the Catholic traditions.
Transubstantiation threw them for a loop when I told them at the wake.

The priest walked around the casket waving incense in a censor with hot coals. My brother jumped as if they were doing voodoo on mom.

He asked me about it after. I told him mom would approve as it is Biblical. Revelations tells us that the prayers of the saints are offered in golden bowls mixed with incense before the Lord. I told him that God must inhale the prayers like a shark inhales blood drops 10 miles away. Maybe the sense of smell is faster than the speed of sound.
And if He inhales the prayers, maybe the answer is in His exhale.
My brother approved.

Two more if I may borrow your space a bit:
A post discussing Calvinism and Arminianism was read by me recently. There was a scale between these two and a question asked where you were on the scale. This is on the Internet so both normal and abnormal, as well as Churchianity types will read it.

Here is one reply:
"The moral code and judgment in the Bible presupposes free will.

But Paul drops bombs like "election" and "predestination."
The Bible spends zero words trying to reconcile the two.

It wasn't until the Enlightmentment era, that the church tried to systematize and reconcile the tension"

My MIND was numb for 48 hours and I can not imagine what the non-religiosity types thought of that.

Last, she is 17 years old and blogs locally. She would be a Normal in this discussion.

Her Christmas post hurt to read and someone must have talked her into removing it. Foul language is evident elsewhere.

Her blog scrolls the community blog board and she cries out to someone often. I will comment after she is 18 shortly, however, I could not help but listen to this comment about Mark Driscoll....and how the "normal" perceive him, as opposed to how Christians perceive him.
Here is how our hormone driven 17 year olds see church:

Cut and paste if necessary. It will open your eyes to the future of our church.

Thanks for letting me yak, Kem.

Matthew Irvine

I love the post. I've got to admit, I'm a little hung up on the sign. Hilarious! "Passengers are prohibied" - pure gold.

Thanks for the reminder not to use a foreign language when speaking to a non-believing world.


Don't forget the ol' classic...

"Thank you, Jesus. I've been washed in the blood."

That can be downright creepy.

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