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Feb 02, 2009



"affluence era will be replaced with a grounded and socially creative phase"

Translated =
Goodbye Nordstroms
Hello Wal-Mart

Oh wait you said socially creative...hmmmm.

dan ohlerking

i particularly appreciate your description of item #9 "end of fact" - it is a concept that is intriguing to say the least.

and i think, i hope, i pray that we as the body of Christ will seize the opportunity of a culture that is increasingly devoiding itself of absolutes and stand with a clear message of hope anchored in the Truth.

and nate, i believe there are actually a LOT of us who are finding there are great churches out there who are ready for the changes kem describes. thank God we aren't all sticking our heads in the sand.

great post kem!


Wow. . . and how will the Church react? Somehow I get the impression that most churches will yell about how the end is near, and we need to pull ourselves away from society's evil pluralism.

But then, I spent 17 years of my life in a Bob-Jones-Univ-dominated lifestyle. My assumptions were proven wrong when I found Liquid Church. Maybe there are more churches out there who are willing to view these predictions objectively.

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