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Sep 10, 2009



Oh - I so agree with John and James. John is such a beautiful picture of Jesus - all four gospels when read together are so beautiful and really great for anyone new to the Bible or wanting to know who Jesus is!

James - what a GOOD book. Full of GOOD teaching!

I would have to add Genesis and Exodus to make yours a Top 7 list. After you see Jesus living - to go back and read about the "where it all began" can be really educational! Love those books!


i saw a tweet last week of someone quoting @prodigaljohn about using Proverbs to deal with evil commentors

Joe Ely

I heartily concur, Kem...great post!

Frank Chiapperino

Kem, seriously! No tract authors??? AWWW MAN! I was really hoping for some smokin hot tract authors!


I still haven't forgiven my youth pastor for suggesting my first book of the Bible to read be Numbers.

Probably any of the gospels would be a good place to start. I would also recommend a book that goes along with Mark's account; look up Mark As Story.

I think you'll appreciate it. Stay blessed...john

Khad Young

Galatians ... to learn about grace


Great post. I might just add that a new Christ follower might gain great practical insight by reading Ephesians (or Eph i sians) after Acts to make sure this is the road they want to commit to. I've heard it said that if we had to choose only one book that 'summed up' the whole cannon, Ephesians would be the one...


"* This list includes my personal recommendations and does not reflect the views of any recognized seminary, theologian or tract authors."

you're a nut!

great post, though. ;)

Mike Gothard

Fantastic post, Kem! I get asked this question dozens of times a year. I've never thought to recommend Ecclesiastes...good choice :)

Jeremy Scheller

1 John....to learn about love.

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