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Nov 09, 2009


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Michael Parks

That is a great thought to keep in mind for those of us looking to "brand" our church. Perhaps we are seeing the influence of secular advertising in church promos, and need to remember that we are not selling anything. You can't sell an experience, you can only encourage people to come and engage in an experience.


wow. I never thought of it that way.

I'm glad I'm learning all this stuff before I start editing copy for our new website!

Definitely something to keep in mind.


Love it!

Lee Fields

this is perfect...

Paul Steinbrueck

Hey Kem, IMO this raises an interesting dilema. I agree with you that we don't want to over-promise. But on the other hand if you eliminate the "hope," what's the motivation to participate?

Isn't the reason anyone does anything with a church because they hope it will change something?

People visit a church for the first time because they hope to connect with God or hope to learn how to fix their marriage or hope to give their kids a solid spiritual foundation. People join a small group because they hope to develop close friendships or hope to grow in their relationship with God. People serve because they hope to make a difference.

We can't promise these things WILL happen, but isn't a church supposed to give people hope they CAN happen?


i'm more concerned about the dog...

Donna Frank

I just found your blog...I'm so pumped!

Great post. I think if we focussed on advertising the truth (just the facts), more people could find the hope they're searching for.

Dennis Richards

Great thoughts Kem!

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